Horsemanship Stays


Derby Livestock Company offers national and international students the chance to learn the Balance / Signal / Softness approach of Vaquero Horsemanship, taught by Jeff Derby, at his ranch in Crawford, Colorado.

Horsemanship Stays are for people who wish to immerse themselves in Jeff’s approach to Vaquero Horsemanship on a working ranch in the western US.

Students typically spend an average of half of each day working with Jeff; riding in the arena, riding out, working cattle horseback, or practicing roping. Some days are spent away from the home ranch, helping neighboring ranches gather and work cattle. When there are workshops students will be able to join in. When not working with Jeff or on horse projects, students are free to spend their time resting and relaxing, or traveling around sightseeing or adventuring as they like.


We have accommodations (la casita) for students who wish to stay on the ranch. Parking for trailers or RVs is available, as well as tent camping. There are also several motels in nearby towns.

Students are responsible for their own meals. (The casita is equipped with a full kitchen.)

Pick up from the airport can be arranged, however if you wish to go sightseeing (on your days off) a rental car is advisable. 



$200/day for lessons

$50/day for accommodations

or $25/ for trailer parking or camping

$100/day for use of horse & tack

or $15/day/horse for pens (for guests coming with their own horses)

Price reduction available for multiple students and longer stays.

For more information and availability please contact us